LAN Events

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Next LAN Party - February 24th


Jansen Computers
104 S Pearl St
Teutopolis IL 62467


3:00pm Setup
4:00pm - To when ever

What You Need To Know

1. Space

We are limited to 20 seats at this event. So reserve yours now! To reserve your seat just stop by the store during normal business hours and pay.
Or for more options contact us at: 217-857-6155 or email us at:

2. Entry Fee

There is a $15.00 cover charge. This will:
1. Reserve Your Seat.
2. Get you loads of Pizza.
3. Get you loads of Soda.
4. Entree for door Prizes.
5. If you got the skills Game Prizes.

3. Requirements

1. B.Y.O.C. (bring your own computer, including monitor, headset and all cables
2. 15 foot CAT5 patch cable. (cables can be purchased at the event)
3. Setting will be provided, no need to bring a chair.
4. Singed waiver (if under 18 signed by parents). GET IT HERE
5. Preloaded Games. (be prepared)

4. Games

We are playing Demo versions of games because of LIC,. Software, and Cost.
You need to make sure that your system can run all the games.
You can download these games from the links below or come in and we will burn them to a CD for you.

Games that we will be playing:
1. Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
2. Battlefield 1942 & Patch 1.1
3. Battlefield 2
4. Call of Duty
5. Unreal Turnament 2004